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Free Weights & Storage Systems

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Free Weights & Storage System

ROCKIT Commercial Free Weights Product Line has included premium polyurethane free weights and heavy gauge storage systems, we achieved less than ±1% weight deviation on dumbbells and barbells and ±2% on Plates.

ROCKIT insists on using premium quality incoming materials, such as liquid PU, imported from Germany via a certified chemical factory. Most of the other factories purchase China made polyurethane create their own which is not of the same quality.
Hi-tensile Strength in our bars is achieved by our specific extra quenching process as well as hard for safety and longevity.
Currently our free weights product line is REACH certified.

As for the philosophy of “Right For Your Body”, we consider on every aspect of how you would feel about our commercial free weights line such as the knurling depth, grip angles, etc., to improve your experiences of professional appliance.

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Free Weights & Storage System


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Free Weights & Storages: Products
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